Easy Approaches to help you Pass a Drug test

Most people worry about how to pass the standard drug tests which is demanded by most employers. To pass a standard urine test which is most common, the quickest way is to avoid or stop taking the drugs being tested for early before the time of the test. For this reason, it is good to inquire about a company and the tests they ask for early enough in case you intend to work there in future.

drugsBesides keeping away from taking drugs there are methods used to ensure the test does not recognize certain results. There are some industrial made products that hinder certain drug products from been detected in urine during tests. However, these chemicals should be taken as advised to avoid taking extreme levels that would lead to failed tests. There are people who are well-informed when it comes to these drug test hindering products and therefore their advice should be sought.

Drinking of excessive amounts of water is said to accomplish negative results in a how to pass a drug test. However this could be risky since it is possible to tell when someone has taken so much water due to the colorless nature of their urine. In case you are suspected of flagging the sample the sample to obtain negative results you can be disqualified. Therefore, ensure you do not taking too much water on the day of the test, you can take excess of water in the previous week to flush the drug but reduce to normal levels as the day of the test approaches.

You can reduce possibility of a positive result through dilution. Dilution reduces the concentration levels of drug and drug metabolites contained in the sample. Dilution is achieved by adding fluid to the test sample. The temperature of the fluid to be added should be regulated to the temperature to the sample. Warm water would be the best to match the temperature of the urine. Dilution should be very mild since some laboratories are able to detect a diluted sample. Ensure your sample looks real and maintains its normal nature in terms of its contents concentration. This is a great method to help you pass a drug test. It is excellent because it does not involve taking some foreign products that would have adverse side effects if not applied appropriately.

Substituting your urine with one of a person who does not take drugs is a very helpful method when you want to pass a drug test. You can as well use synthetic urine in case you do not have urine from a drug free person. Synthetic urine comes as a product which not only resembles urine but has all characteristic of a normal urine sample. This two are only possible where the company requesting the test is not so strict in observing to ensure the sample is your own. This is a loophole you can observe and take advantage of. Passing a drug test can be very easy if you are in a position to realize the easiest method to manipulate the test. With the right information it is easy to pass a drug test.

Passing a Drug Test Efficiently

Maybe you are looking for a job and you are required to undergo a drug test. Or maybe you are in a job that requires regular drug tests. Whatever the reason, you don’t want to fail this drug test. This is the reason why you need to learn some few tricks on how to pass a drug test. Although it is not easy to fool a urine drug test, it is not impossible. All you need in order to pass a drug test is the right information and tools.

The best way of passing a drug test is ensuring you avoid taking drug for sometimes before the drug test. Unfortunately, these drug tests may come with a very short notice. Urine test can be used to detect use of marijuana up to 5 days for occasional users and 3 weeks for regular users.

tubeUrine tests are used to measure the amount of metabolites in the body. A negative drug test should record a metabolite level of 50ng/mL and below. A metabolite level that is above 50ng/mL in the urine indicates drug abuse. There are a number of methods one can use to reduce the level of metabolites in their blood. The success of these methods depends on factors such as body size, drug consumption level and overall health of the individual.

Among all the methods, the most popular and inexpensive method is flushing. Flushing is a term used to describe heavy intake of water two days before the drug test. One should take at least 64 ounces of water per day before the drug test. Water helps to reduce the concentration of the drug residue in the urine. One should take the water in sips rather than gulping it. Water is generally untraceable in the urine test.

Doing a lot of exercises is another natural way to detox before a drug test. Exercising helps to increase the metabolism rate and break down the cells where metabolites are stored. When one sweats, one excretes the toxins at a faster rate than during peeing.

Taking vitamin B3 supplement can also help in achieving a negative drug test. One should take two pills per day two days prior to the day of the test. Niacin (Vitamin B3) supplement helps to detox the body faster by making the blood more soluble. However, Niacin can be detected during the test. Additionally, Niacin can cause side effects such as liver damage, fainting, and vomiting.

Taking baking soda dissolved in water can also help one to pass a drug test. Baking soda helps to mask PH imbalances that may result from drugs intake. However, one should take care to prevent unusual PH that can arose suspicion. Baking soda can also cause side effects such as vomiting.

Using someone else’s urine is an effective way of passing a drug test provided you don’t get caught. This method can be applied when the drug test is performed at home.

Intake of alcohol is also known to increase the chances of passing a drug test. Alcohol speeds up detoxification by encouraging one to urinate more and hence more toxins leaving the body. However, use of alcohol is only effective only if the drug test does not involve tests for alcohol. Adding eye drops, bleach or any saline solution is capable of cancelling out the effects of metabolites in the urine. However, adding solutions to the urine can be detected during test.